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Spring is here!!

The Groundhog didnโ€™t see his shadow!!! Do you know what it means? It means that Spring is just around the corner! Which means it is time to get festive with your nails! It is time for flowers, free style, and whatever floats your boat! Just have fun!



Your nails are too short?

Your nails are too short? No problem. That is what soak-off gel polishes are for.ย  Since it is the long lasting chip-free polish, it will help your nails grow.ย  Or just keep it short.ย  Dark color on short nails is in nowadays.ย  We have almost 100 dark gel polishes of different shades.ย  Though dark colors look very nice on short nails, but who to say we have to do that? I say we can do any color of the rainbow on whatever length our nails are.ย  Whatever floats your boat.ย  It is just nice to have your nails manicured and polished.



Mood Gel Polish

Mood Gelย FullSizeRender (4)ย FullSizeRender (5)

Soak-off gel polish is pretty hot right now, but it can get more fun with the mood changing colors.ย  It is temperature activated.ย  If you go from hot to cold, or vise versa, the color(s) on your nails will change from one color to the other.

Unless you are a shark, mood gel polishes will give that ombre look.ย  Your nail bases are usually warmer than the tip of your nails, therefore it will remain one color and your tips will change to other color.ย  It will be fun to see it changing when you wash your hands in water with different temperatures too.ย  It will continue to go back and forth until your next manicure. Pretty cool stuff!