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Picking Out a Polish Color Just Got Harder…

It’s always frustrating when you walk into our salon waiting to relax, but instead being met with the heaping gel polish basket. The basket is overflowing with reds, purples, browns, and oranges galore. Sweat drips from your forehead. Do I want Spare Me a French Quarter OPI or Ice Berry Cocktail by DND, you think to yourself. The thought of picking only one color is overbearing.

What if I told you the decision just got harder?

Victoria’s Nails & Spa carries over 600 gel and regular polishes in a variety of colors, finishes, and opacities, and we keep bringing in more! Once a new line of holiday OPI shades or Metallic gel polishes hit the market we are right on it.

Bringing in new colors for our customers is our way of keeping their needs satisfied and their nail colors ever changing.

As Thao says, if you came in every 2 weeks for 23 years then you’ll have tried every color we have.


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