Victoria's Nails & Spa

All Extras

  • Sea Salt Scrub- $5

Exfoliates and smooths the skin on your legs and feet.

  • Soak-off Gel Polish- $13

You may add the soak-off gel polish to any service.

  • Massage- $10

Feeling a little stressed out? You may add on 10 minutes of massage on your services, focusing on the pressure points in your feet and stretching out the tension in your calves.

  • French Tips- $5

Adds the illusion of long, white nail tips. This nail style goes with absolutely everything.

  • Designs- $5+

Designs include, flowers, marble effects, ombré, gems, foiled stripes, etc!

  • Brow Waxing- $11 with another service, $13 without another service

Tame the facial flow with a harmless and quick waxing.

  • Lip Waxing- $9

Find applying makeup smoother and with ease. Clean up a ‘lil with a swift and easy wax.

  • Replacement Nail- $3+

Broke a nail or two? We’re here for you.